First post + first real prod

Hi everyone ! Here I'm gonna talk about various things but mainly about coding graphics and probably as I'm about to do now : talking about my past, present and future productions.
So here is the last one which is pretty much my first real production : Cold Awakening.
I made the code and xtrium and ulrick (both from Frequency) made the awsome music. It's 100% made in raymarching.
I used here openGL, crinkler and 4klang. The whole demo is almost one big shader.
The final size is 3,9kb. It was released at Evoke 2012 demoparty and we got ranked 3rd. I got the newcomer price also. I'm so happy about all that ! It was really a surprise.

Here's the link :
One more thing : if you want to try it on your own computer you have to know that it doesn't run on ATI properly for now. But you still can watch it on YouTube (HD video provided by Annikras, thank you alot mate !), the link is on the page. ;)

I would like to thank everyone at the party which were all real good people also, guys you all rocks ! :)

EDIT : one of my friend told me that it was working normally on ATI, well give it a try but I can't be sure about that.